Situated on the Laurentian University campus, Thorneloe University is an interdisciplinary centre of teaching, learning and research in the humanities, the arts and theology

A founding member of the Laurentian University federation and affiliated with the Anglican Church of Canada, Thorneloe provides an accessible education fostering critical inquiry in a student-focused environment.

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What We Offer

School of Theology

Find a welcoming space to pursue and deepen one’s spiritual awareness, receive assistance with the interpretation of the Scriptures, have plenty of room to grow in moral sensibility and character, and gain a genuine appreciation of the Anglican tradition.


The Residence at Thorneloe University fosters the intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual growth of all who live here by providing a safe, supportive, family environment that appreciates diversity, promotes social responsibility, nurtures meaningful relationships, and embraces life-long learning.

Theatre and Classroom Rentals

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