Dr. Chris Dawson

Dr. Chris Dawson

Loukidelis Fellow, Assistant Professor Ancient Studies

Contact Information

705-673-1730, 213

Courses Taught at Thorneloe

  • Roman History: The Late Republic and Early Empire (third and fourth year students, Fall 2017)
  • The City in the Roman World (third and fourth year students, Winter 2018)
  • Intermediate Latin (Fall/Winter, 2017-2018)

Research Interests

  • Civic Politics and Political Cultures in the Roman Empire, 1-300CE
  • Roman North Africa; Greek and Roman Historiography
  • Latin Epigraphy
  • Socio-political Theory


2016 Ph.D., Department of History, York University, Toronto, Ontario Dissertation: “Intimate Communities: Honorific Statues and the Political Culture of the Cities of Africa Proconsularis in the First Three Centuries CE.” Committee members: Jonathan Edmondson (supervisor, York University), Benjamin Kelly (York University), Christer Bruun (University of Toronto), Frédéric Hurlet (external examiner, Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense)

2008 M.A., Department of Classics, Brock University, St. Catharines, Ontario  Thesis: “The princeps optimus: Towards a New Reading of Velleius Paterculus’ History.”

2005 B.A. Hon. in History and Classics, Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, Nova Scotia


Conference Presentations:

2017, “Harmless Administrators: The Political Use of a Virtue,” Classical Association of Canada Annual Meeting, 9-11 May, Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John’s.

2016, “Civic Relations: Honorific Statues and Patterns of Dedication in Africa Proconsularis, 100-300 CE,” The 2nd North American Congress of Greek and Latin Epigraphy, 4-6 January, University of California, Berkeley.

2015, “Honorific Statues in Africa Proconsularis, 100 – 300 CE: Dedicatory Terms and Civic Intimacy,” Classical Association of Canada Annual Meeting, 20-22 May, University of Toronto.

2014, “CIL VIII 14683 and the North African curiae,” American Philological Association 145th Annual Meeting, 2-5 January, Chicago.

2014, “honore contentus pecuniam remisit: The Role of Public Honours in the Cities of Africa Proconsularis,” Association of Ancient Historians Annual Meeting, 8-11 May, McGill University, Montréal.

2014, “The Curia Iovis and the Public Nature of the North African curiae,” Atlantic Classical Association Annual Meeting, 24-25 October, University of New Brunswick, Fredericton.

2012, “Private Crisis, Public Discourse: A Miscarriage in an Elite Roman Family,” Feminism and Classics VI, 24-27 May, Brock University, St. Catharines.

2008, “The optimus princeps: Velleius Paterculus’ Charismatic Portrayal of Tiberius,” Classical Association of Canada Annual Meeting, 12-14 May, Université de Montréal.

2007, “Menalcas as Model leader? Virgil’s Fifth Eclogue and Octavian,” Classical Association of Canada Annual Meeting, 21-23 May, Memorial University of Newfoundland, St John’s.

Public Lectures:

2018, “Putting the ‘People’ Back into Roman North African Civic Politics,” Loukidelis Teaching Fellow Public Lecture, Laurentian University, Subdury, Ontario.

2015, “The Question of Democracy in Roman North Africa, 100-300 CE,” The Crake Doctoral Fellow Annual Public Lecture, 5 February, Mount Allison University, Sackville, New Brunswick.

Other Talks:

2015, “The Curia Iovis of Simitthus: A Work in Progress,” Kommission für Alte Geschichte und Epigraphik des Deutschen Archäologischen Instituts, 28 October, Munich, Germany.

2013, “The curiae of Roman North Africa,” Work-in-Progress Seminar of the Collaborative Programme in Ancient History, 18 April, University of Toronto.

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