The Residence at Thorneloe University fosters the intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual growth of all who live here by providing a safe, supportive, family environment that appreciates diversity, promotes social responsibility, nurtures meaningful relationships, and embraces life-long learning.

Thorneloe University’s residence is the smallest residence on Laurentian University Campus. This slighter size allows for a unique environment. With only 58 students living in our rooms, we are able to develop a warm familial atmosphere. In this appealing setting, each student has a single room and access to a communal kitchen. Thorneloe is known for its studious and quiet environment. Although our residents are committed to their studies, many activities are planned based on their interests. Most activities and events are coordinated by the Thorneloe Student council which is annually elected by our residents.

Another unique aspect of the Thorneloe residence is that the Dean (and his family) lives alongside the residents. This allows students the opportunity to access him outside normal working hours.

Our Dean of Residence, Chad Teller, and his family, joined Thorneloe University in September 2015.

Growth in Community

“With its single rooms and community dining areas, Thorneloe is unique on the Laurentian campus. I especially appreciated the family-like atmosphere where people have respect for others, and where Seniors look out for the Frosh. The Res is a great preparation for life after university.”

– Former resident

Thorneloe University Residence can accommodate 58 men and women in single rooms, and normally accepts about 20 new students every year. Affiliated with the Anglican Church, it is open to full-time students of all faiths. Thorneloe accepts students who wish to be a part of a family-like community, and who are willing to contribute to building a quiet congenial atmosphere of study and recreation.

The Dean of Residence, Chaplain and Registrar offer services to residence students. Telephone connections and internet connections are available in each room. The Residence also features a computer room, a study room, and a sauna. Students also receive an invitation during the year to enjoy a home-cooked meal at the home of the President.

Application for admission to the Residence is made through the Laurentian University Residence Application process and requires a covering letter indicating the student’s academic interests and community involvement, why they wish to come to the Thorneloe Residence, and what he or she can contribute to residence life. The fee for the 2016-2017 academic year is $6,100. A deposit of $710 is required upon acceptance to the residence.

Thorneloe Residence Application Forms

First Year students: please read here
Upper year students – please use this form (Fillable PDF, updated Feb. 21, 2019)

Students must accompany this application with a covering letter, indicating: some of their academic interests and community involvements; why they wish to come to Thorneloe Residence; and what they feel they can contribute to residence life. Please drop off your completed application and cover letter at the Main Office in Thorneloe University, or in the Assignment Dropbox in the Thorneloe Residence entrance.

Download the 2017-18 Residence Manual (PDF)


Deposits, student council, and room fees may be paid by cheque, Interac (debit only – no credit cards, in the Main Office) or electronic banking (choose “Thorneloe University” as the Payee, and use your Laurentian ID number).

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