Jennifer Heywood

Jennifer Heywood

Lecturer Theatre Arts

Contact Information

705-673-1730, 503

Jennifer Heywood (-Jackson) holds an M.A. in Theatre History from the University of Toronto, a B.F.A. (cum laude) in Performance from Concordia University and is a Graduate of the English Acting Section of the National Theatre School of Canada. Heywood is published in Theatre Research in Canada / Recherches théâtrales au Canada and is presently writing her Ph.D. thesis that consists of a dramaturgical analysis of solo-performances. She has travelled across Eastern Canada as both a dancer and an actress, playing in English, French, and twice in Inuktitut. She originated four roles in Canadian premieres and has directed 12 productions, five of which were collective creations. Heywood has taught Canadian and Aboriginal theatre at Brock University; acting at Concordia and McGill Universities; and acting and directing at York University. This year at Thorneloe she is teaching the Introduction to Theatre course and two theatre histories. 


M.A. in Theatre History, Centre for Study of Drama, University of Toronto

B.F. A. with distinction, Specialization in Performance, Concordia University

Graduate, English Acting Section, National Theatre School of Canada

Trained in Classical and Jazz Ballet


Research Interests:

Solo performances, paralinguistic vocal and physical gestures, English and French Canadian Theatre, Traditional Abenaki and Anishinabek performance practices, Bilingual performance


Courses Taught at Thorneloe:


THEA 1115 – Introduction to the Theatre

THEA 1117 – Theatre on this Land

THEA 2246 – Theatre History I

THEA 2246 – Theatre History II

THEA 3246 – Theatre History III

THEA 3246 – Theatre History IV


Courses Taught elsewhere:


Canadian Theatre – Brock University

Aboriginal Performance – Brock University

Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Performance – McGill University

The History of Musical Theatre in the Americas – McGill University

Performance/Les arts de la scène – Glendon College, York University

La mise en scène / Director’s Process – Glendon College, York University

Journal articles:


“Navigating the Rapids: Teaching Bilingual Theatre Courses in Canada.”

Theatre Research in Canada / Recherches théâtrales au Canada

Conference Papers:


Aug. 2011

“Gélinas’ Fridolin and the Gestural Legacy  of a National Icon.” American Association for Theatre in Higher Education – Association for Theatre Movement Educators


Jan. 2010

“Why Ritual is Not Performance. Respecting the Division between the Sacred and the Profane.”   Philadelphia Theatre Research Symposium.


Nov. 2009

“A Chink in the Wall: Cross-Cultural Communication through Theatrical Gestures.”  Workshops for Inter-Discipline Exchange and Novelty – Toronto.


May, 2005

“Les deux Solitudes revisités: The Self as the Other in Larry Tremblay’s The Dragonfly of Chicoutimi.”  Congress  – Association for Canadian Theatre




Jan. 2000

“Advertising in Québec: Seeing what’s not being said.” Sprint Canada  Management Conference –   Later published in “The Spirit of Sprint”   March, 2000.


December, 1993

“What is a Term of Art ? ~ Playing Oleanna on Stage and in Life”  Conference on Feminist Perspectives on Education – Concordia University and 1994 – Centennial College

Directing Credits:



Traditional Legends Retold  – Collective Creation – Brock University



The Passion Plays by Dario Fo – Concordia University

The Importance of Being Earnest  by Oscar Wilde – Collège Marie de France



A Modern Pageant  by Jennifer Heywood – St. James the Apostle Church (Bilingual production)

A Blast from the Past – Collective Creation – The Study (Bilingual production)

Thieves Carnival by Jean Anouilh – Concordia University (Assistant Director)



A Midsummer Night’s Dream  by William Shakespeare – The Study



The Passion of our Lord According to St. John  – St. Ignatius of Loyola      



My Mother Said I Never Should  – Charlotte Keattly- National Theatre School

The Wizard of Oz – La Seigneury  (Assistant Director)



Acting Credits:



Queen Elizabeth I in The Dark Lady of the Sonnets by George Bernard Shaw.  

Directed by Ned Zukavich  for Solar  Stage



Isabella  in The Spanish Tragedy by Thomas Kid       

Directed by Ned Zukavich  at the Glenn Morris Theatre



Lady Macbeth in Macbeth by William Shakespeare

Directed by Chris Coccolucci  for  Steam Theatre



Aunt Margo in Night Noises

Directed by Brad Fishborne at The Glen Morris Theatre



Princess Margaret/  Violet  in The Queen and I by Sue Townsend

Directed by Guy Sprung, for The Kingston Summer Festival


Margaret/ Anne in  Sir John, Eh?  by Jim Gerard

Directed by Jim Gerard, for The Kingston Summer Festival



South in Thirteen Hands by Carol Shields

Directed by Heather Markgraf for Village Theatre Productions


Chris Gorman in Rumors by Neil Simon

Directed by Dean Fleming for Sweet Circle Productions


La Réceptionniste du Gazette dans Beauté reçu par un collective

Dirigé par Guy Beausoleil  au Théâtre D’aujourd’hui



Lisa in  Lisa (solo performance) by Per Brask

Directed by Elsa Bolem for Geordie Productions


Carol  in Oleana by David Mamet

Directed by Guy Beausoleil for  Bulldog  Productions

*Award-winning Canadian Première *


Winter / Suzette in  A Prairie Boy’s  Winter by William Kurelek

Directed by Elsa Bolem for Geordie Productions


Drunk Mom in Liars by Dennis Foon

Directed by Alex Beaulieu for Geordie Productions



Bridget in Sacred Hearts by Colleen Curzon

Directed by Ramona Orr for Village Theatre Productions


Isabella in Measure for Measure

Dirigée Suzanne Lantagne pour Théâtre 1774



Sedna, Queen of the Sea in Whale

Directed by Elsa Bolem, Geordie Productions *Canadian Première*


Quince/ Moth in A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare     

Directed by Cas Anvar for Repercussion Theatre


Dionyza/3rd Fisherman in Pericles

Directed by Jack Langedijk for Repercussion Theatre



Livia in Women Beware Women by Thomas Middleton

Directed by Joel Miller at the D.B. Clarke Theatre



Lady Macbeth in Macbeth  by William Shakespeare

Directed by Cas Anvar for Repercussion Theatre


Balthazar in A Comedy of Errors

Directed by Robert van der Linden for Repercussion Theatre


Lucie Manette in A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens

Directed by Elsa Bolem for Geordie Productions



Viola in Twelfth Night  by William Shakespeare

Directed by Cas Anvar for Repercussion Theatre


Film Credits



Drummer in Sounds of Turtle Island  –  ECG Productions



Nancy in Death Served  Cold  – Go Lucky Productions



Nicole in Slightly Paranoid – Hollyhock Productions



Marguerite dans Fauste Médusé –  Les Vidéos D’Arts


Narrator for La Rencontre  –  N.F.B.


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