Previous Thorneloe University Courses

Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Courses Previously Offered at Thorneloe University

In Spring 2021, the federation agreement  between Laurentian University and Thorneloe University was terminated. Prior to that time, Thorneloe University provided the following courses within the Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program:

WOMN-1005 Introduction Women’s Studies

WOMN-1005 Intro aux études des femmes

WOMN-2006 A Women’s Art History

WOMN-2007 Contemporary Art and Issues

WOMN-2016 The Production of Knowledge

WOMN-2036  Gender, Work and Families

WOMN-2046 Gender, Race and Racism

WOMN-2066 Critical Sexuality Studies

WOMN-2106 Representations of Gender-News

WOMN-2107 Women and Popular Culture

WOMN-2356 Reproduction and Mothering

WOMN-2357 Women and Aging

WOMN-2406 Violence Against Women

WOMN-2456 Women’s Health Issues

WOMN-2506 Rethinking Masculinities

WOMN-2906 Missing/Murdered Indi. Women

WOMN-3015 Feminist Theories

WOMN-3037 Gender, Work & the Global Economy

WOMN-3306 Female Sexualities

WOMN-3326 Girl Cultures

WOMN-3407 Gendered Construct of Violence

WOMN-4005 Directed Readings and Research

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