Next Chapter of PERSPECTIVE Premieres at Cinefest

September 18, 2015


Shot and set in Northern Ontario and produced by a professional cast and crew also from the region, Perspective (2012-2020) is an ongoing cinema experiment from award-winning Canadian filmmaker and academic B. P. Paquette.

Subtitled Variations on a Love Triangle in 9 Chapters, Perspective is challenging, sophisticated, and innovative filmmaking that features exceptional performances from Stéphane Paquette, Patricia Tedford, and Pandora Topp, with music by Daniel Bédard and cinematography by Ivan Gekoff.

What makes this dramatic feature most unique is that it is not yet complete. Instead, a new chapter, starting in 2012, is presented every consecutive year at Cinéfest until the project is complete in 2020. Each chapter is approximately 10-20 minutes, and the significant time lapse between chapters is integrated into the narrative, thus allowing the actors to literally age throughout the film.

The first three chapters, titled, respectively, Salt & Soda (2012), Chris and Other Beards (2013), and Hush, hsuH (2014), will be repeated this year as they lead into the fourth chapter, titled Reflecting (2015).

Perspective is produced with the participation of the entire faculty of the Motion Picture Arts (MPArts) program at Thorneloe University, a member of the Laurentian University Federation. In this context Perspective is used as an academic tool for students in the MPArts program, who are offered the unique opportunity to work on, and observe first hand, a professional feature-length production.

Perspective screens at SilverCity Sudbury on Friday, September 25 @ 12:00PM, and will be followed by a Q&A with members of the cast and crew. As a Cinema Summit event at Cinefest, post-secondary students enrolled in media arts programs, and regional film and television production crew members can apply for accreditation and free admission to this and other Cinema Summit activities  @  Approved Cinema Summit registrants will receive an email directing them where to pick up their Cinema Summit Pass.  Public audiences wishing to purchase tickets should call the Cinefest Sudbury Box Office at 705-688-1234.  Single tickets are only available in the “rush line” at the cinema box office 5 minutes prior to screenings.


Director: B. P. Paquette                                      Running Time: 70 minutes
Producer/Distributor: Nortario Films                                Language: English
Country: Canada                                                 Year: 2015

Benjamin Paquette, Director, Motion Picture Arts curriculum, Bachelor of Fine Arts Program, Thorneloe University Ÿ
tel. 705-673-1730 Ÿ

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