Religious Studies (former program)

What is Religious Studies (former program)

Over many decades Thorneloe University contributed five distinct programs through the Faculty of Arts at Laurentian University: Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies; Theatre Arts and Motion Picture Studies; Religious Studies; and Ancient Studies. By May 1 2021 all of these programs were closed when Laurentian University terminated its historic federation agreement with our university. The program and course descriptions remain on this website as a testimony to the achievements of our professors and lecturers, our benefactors, and above all, our students.

Learn to think deeply about the origin and purpose of life, and ask BIG questions

Ex​plore​​ the​ wide range​ variety​ of​ religious responses to ​ human beliefs and behaviours surrounding these ​age-old question​s​: What is the meaning of life?​ What is the good life? What is love? What is evil?​ ​Does God exist? Examine the wisdom drawn from diverse religious traditions to these questions, and consider the variety of ways religion shapes culture and society, and vice versa. ​Compare and understand how religion affected the lives of ancient peoples, and consider how it affects humankind today. How has religion shaped culture and society?

Your studies will focus on western religious thought, biblical studies, religion and modern culture, and contemporary religious issues. ​Now​​, more than ever​ before​, it is ​vital​​ to understand the ​complexities of religious thought and practice​, in light of our globalized and multicultural society.​ While not promoting a particular religion or viewpoint, Religious Studies fosters respectful, informed, productive dialogue on questions that are central to human existence.

Thorneloe courses count as Humanities credits and may be used towards a major in Religious Studies at Laurentian with a 3 or 4-year BA.

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Admission Requirements

• Ontario Secondary Schools
• 1 grade 12 4U English
• 5 other grade 12 4U/M courses
• For more information, contact

Program options Include:

• 4-year BA (single or combined concentration)
• 3-year BA (single or combined concentration)
• Major in Religious Studies
• Minor in Religious Studies

Program Options

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