Ancient Studies (former program)

What is Ancient Studies (former program)

Over many decades Thorneloe University contributed five distinct programs through the Faculty of Arts at Laurentian University: Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies; Theatre Arts and Motion Picture Studies; Religious Studies; and Ancient Studies. By May 1 2021 all of these programs were closed when Laurentian University terminated its historic federation agreement with our university. The program and course descriptions remain on this website as a testimony to the achievements of our professors and lecturers, our benefactors, and above all, our students.

Discover the wonders of the ancient Mediterranean world

Dive deep into the diversity of the ancient Mediterranean world and study the political, social, and economic conditions of a different time and place. Gain a greater understanding of the peoples of the ancient Mediterranean and their approach to international relations, religious beliefs, literature, art, and technology. Read some of the great epics and works of philosophy, and learn the intimate details of the love poets’ relationships. Get caught up in the lives and stories of civilizations from the earliest of times up to the age of the emperor Justinian in the mid-sixth century CE. Learn through a multi-faceted program that will introduce you to many sources, approaches, and theories that will prepare you for study in numerous different fields.

N.B. For Classical Studies program requirements, see Classical Studies.

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Important notices
  • This program is not appropriate for students who plan on doing graduate studies in Classics. Please consult the Classical Studies pages.
  • Majors in Ancient Studies and Classical Studies cannot be combined.
  • It is recommended that first-year students take ANTR 1006/7 and ANCS 1006/7 as they are prerequisites for many upper-year courses.
  • Students may count a maximum of 42 cr at the 1000 level towards their degree.
Admission Requirements
  • Ontario Secondary Schools
  • Grade 12 U level English
  • 5 other grade 12 U or M level courses
  • For more information, contact

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