Bachelor of Theology (B.Th. General)

This B.Th. program is a 90-credit undergraduate program intended primarily for students who are pursuing a basic undergraduate degree in Theology. While it is designed to be undertaken largely by distance-education, and usually part-time,  full or near full-time studies may be possible. The B.Th. Program is the equivalent of three years of full-time university study, but generally takes several years of part-time study to complete. This degree is not intended for those preparing for lay or ordained ministries in the Church.
***Students in the B.Th. (Academic) program who have met all the requirements of the Diploma in Theology (Dip.Th). may apply to receive the Diploma during the course of their B.Th. studies (see pp. xx  for the Dip.Theo requirements).
***Students admitted to the B.Th. program prior to the 2023-2024 academic year adhere to the regulations of the academic calendar or handbook in effect at the time of admission.

Course of Study

The B.Th. is the equivalent of a three-year (90-credit) program. It includes 30 required credits. All core THEO 1000-level courses are normally offered at least once every calendar year. Introduction to the Old Testament (THEO 1030), Introduction to the New Testament (THEO 1070) and Introduction to Christian Theology (THEO 1200) generally should be completed first. The remaining THEO 1000-level courses should be completed before other courses are taken.
The sequence of the remaining courses to be agreed with the Director of the School of Theology.
With the exception of occasional in-class intensive courses in the summer, and occasional classes taught through Zoom, THEO courses are offered at a distance, and are conducted by correspondence, with prescribed books and manuals. THEO courses require a variety of written assignments and a final evaluation. When possible, students are encouraged to submit their assignments by email. Each course in the BTh program is to be completed within a single academic term, be it in the Fall  (September to December), the Winter (January to April), Fall/Winter (September to April), or Spring (May to July).

90 credits from the following areas: The 27 required credit courses are in bold; elective courses are in normal font.

OT – Old Testament –  minimal 6 credits total from:
THEO 1010 – Introduction to the Bible (3 cr, required)
THEO 1030 – Introduction to the Old Testament (3 cr, required)
THEO 2030  – Genesis (3 cr)
THEO  3126  – The Prophets of Israel (3 cr)
THEO  3136  – Wisdom Literature (3 cr)

NT – New Testament – minimal 6 credits total from:
THEO 1070 – Intro. to the New Testament (3 cr, required)
THEO 2160 – Seeking the Historical Jesus (3 cr)
THEO  2196  – The Fourth Gospel (3 cr)
THEO  3127  – The Pauline Letters in the New Testament (3 cr)
THEO 3250 –  Apocalyptic Theology in the Later New Testament (3 cr)
THEO  3166  – Mark’s Gospel (3 cr)

 CW – Christian Worship – minimal 3 credits total from:
THEO 1150  – Introduction to Christian Liturgy (3 cr, required)
THEO 2150  –  Anglican Liturgy (3 cr)
THEO 2050/2051/2052 – Preaching  (3 cr)

CT – Christian Theology – minimal 9 credits total from
THEO 1200 – Introduction to Christian Theology (3 cr, required)
THEO 3800 – Integrating Theology (6 cr, required)
THEO 2136 – Christian Thought and Culture I (3 cr)
THEO 2137 –  Christian Thought and Culture II (3 cr)

CH – Church History –  minimal 6 credits total from:
THEO 1440  – Introduction to the Post-Apostolic Church (3 cr, required)
THEO 2410 – Christianity in Canada (3 cr)
THEO 3400 – Anglicanism (3 cr)
THEO 3440 – The Church in the Modern Era (3 cr)

CE – Christian Ethics  – 3 credits total
THEO 2710 – Christian Ethics (3 cr, required)

Other elective courses:
THEO 2218 – Religion and Violence (3 cr)
THEO 2340 – Science and Religion (3 cr)
THEO 3900 – Special Topics in Theology (3 cr)
THEO 3700 – Forms of Ministry (6 cr)
THEO 4000 – An undergraduate thesis.  An in-depth study of a particular area of study  approved by the Director of the School of Theology and the appropriate adviser. (9 cr)

It is encouraged that other electives towards the B.Th. according to the student’s interest be taken at other theological institutions with the consent  of the Director of the School of Theology.

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