“The Shape of Things” – Thorneloe University’s Winter Mainstage

Thorneloe at Laurentian presents winter mainstage: The Shape of Things by Neil Labute.

Directed by: Lorne Pardy                Produced by: Patricia Tedford

Lighting and Set Design: Shelby Lebeau

Stage Managed by: Morgan Cook

Thorneloe Theatre Arts is taking a new tack on this story and telling it two ways: the Straight version and the Pansexual version.  Two different casts: same story.  It’s the casting that makes the change. In the original Evelyn (she) plucks out Adam (he) as her subject matter as part of a thesis project and creates him anew- like a work of art. Or is it? In the second version Evelyn (she) plucks out Alex (she) who is already in transition. The change that Evelyn exacts, conjures and manipulates in her subject matter amounts to a complete transformation. But is it art or is it a cruel manipulation? Does art need to justify itself. Who does it answer to, is it answerable to anyone? Those are some of the questions explored.

The Shape of Things (Straight up) will open March 5 and run March 6 and 7, at 8:00PM

The Shape of Things (Pansexual Perspective) will open March 12 and run March 13 and 14, at 8:00 PM

Tickets are available at the door or call to reserve 705-673-1730 ext 0:  9-4:30 Monday to Friday

Tickets: adults $20; seniors and students $10.

2018-2019 Theatre Season

All theatre productions take place at Thorneloe University’s Ernie Checkeris Theatre on the Laurentian University Campus in Sudbury Thorneloe University’s Deparment of Theatre and Motion Picture Arts and Cambrian College’s Technical Theatre Production Program announce their 2018-2019 season! Join us for a season of challenging and epic theatre. All of our productions contain mature content and may not be suitable for younger audiences. Thorneloe Theatre’s goal is to provide the community with imaginative theatre capable of broadening our humanitarian and artistic vocabulary.

Student Productions


by Jim Cartwright October 26 & 27, 2018 at 8:00 PM November 1, 2 & 3, 2018 at 8:00 PM ROAD by Jim Cartwright hammers home two key facts:

  1. Life is long.
  2. Life is hard.

Set in Lancashire, UK, ROAD depicts a rundown, past its prime northern town:  scruffy and depressed but laced with hope. Sound familiar? Its inhabitants compel us to look beyond their socially and emotionally miserable lives into what makes them move forward, how they manage to survive their drug and booze driven existence. His characters ask “why is the world so hard”, and “who’s to blame me, us, them or God” finding no answers they show us how and why they go on. How they find hope in the bleak greyness that characterizes their lives. Sad and funny, angry and courageous, it screams at the indignity that results from chronic unemployment, and suggests that we find our escape in our own way: in our imagination. It intimates that in the end…perhaps the dream of escape is more important than the fact that the reality of escape is unlikely; ‘somehow a somehow a somehow….might escape’: after all,  our lives are written in the everyday exchanges between neighbours and friends that uplift us, encourage us, and ultimately help us to see past the mundane: to see beauty and truth.

  • Scullery – Garrett Carr
  • Louise/Clare – Ashley Legedza
  • Brother/Brink/Blowpipe – Matt Lemay
  • Brenda/Marion – Julia Nero
  • Carol/Lane – Carolyn Alexander
  • Eddie – Tyler Pegg
  • Eddie’s dad/Professor/Bald/Curt – Griffin Cochrane
  • Helen/Molly/Chantal/Linda – Emilie Overton
  • Skin/Mrs. Bald – Morgan Corkery
  • Gerry – Kodi Hopkins
  • Joey/Soldier – Joel Giroux
  • Valerie/Mother’s Voice/Dor – Megan Pinkerton
  • Brian/Father/Barry – Samuel Lariviere
Creative Team
  • Director – Patricia Tedford
  • Set and Lighting Design – Tim Stenabaugh
  • Costume Design – Miriam Cusson
  • Scene Painter – Anita Ansamaa
  • Stage Manager – Morgan Cook
  • Assistant Stage Manager – Taylor Blanchette
Production Team
  • Theatre Arts – Technical Production Program, Cambrian College
  • Thorneloe Theatre Technical Director – Michael Johnson
  • Production Manager – Tim Stenabaugh
  • Master Electrician – Kurtis McLean
  • Head of Paint – Lorry Martel
  • Head Carpenter – Kate Keaney
  • Sound Design – Luke Walker, Cameron Downey
  • Head of Costumes – Ryan McMurry
  • Head of Props – Shelby Lebeau

Hamlet…ou presque

by William Shakespeare, adapted by Miriam Cusson March 1 & 2, 2019 at 7:30 PM March 3, 2019 at 2:00 PM March 7, 8 & 9, 2019 at 7:30 PM Perhaps the story of Hamlet is not one of madness but rather one of surveillance and treacherous manipulation. A story of liars and power seekers doing what they need to do, anything, to be on top. A story which resonates fiercely throughout the ages. When a group of people are abducted and forced to reenact this classic tragedy under constant surveillance, everything that could possibly go wrong does. Hamlet…ou presque is a deconstructed bilingual subversion of the classic tragedy. A dark comedic retelling where poetry and pop-culture clash, where our willingness to surveil and to be surveilled is the question.

  • Hamlet – Joël Giroux
  • Ophélie/Polonius – Sidney Cassidy, Morgan Corkery
  • Narrator/Horatio – Chloé Thériault
  • The Translator – Gabrielle Noël de Tilly
  • King Claudius – Isaac Robitaille
  • Queen Gertrude – Katelyn Van Rooyen
  • Ghost – Ryan McMurray
  • Laertes – Mauricio Campbell-Martinez
  • Gravedigger 1/Rosencrantz – Micheal Lemire
  • Gravedigger 2/Guildenstern – Matt Lemay
  • The Players – Ryan Helms (King Hamlet), Nathalie Tremblay (Gertrude), Jesse Petahtegoose (King Claudius)
  • The Director – Carolyn Alexander
  • Ensemble – Rosie Leggot, Julia Nero, Julia Marsi, Lauryn Carney, Rachel Barber
Live Music by Something in Danish
  • Éric Lapalme – Musical director and lead guitar
  • Jennifer Herd – Keyboards
  • Dunstan Topp – Drums
Creative Team
  • Director – Miriam Cusson
  • Stage Manager – Shelby Lebeau
  • Assistant Stage Manager – Lorry Martel
  • Set Design – Tim Stenabaugh
  • Lighting Design – Taylor Blanchette
  • Acting Coach | coach en interpretation – Ryan Demers
Production Team
  • Theatre Arts – Technical Production Program, Cambrian College
  • Thorneloe Theatre Technical Director – Michael Johnson
  • Production Manager – Tim Stenabaugh
  • Production Assistant – Ryan White
  • Master Electrician – Morgan Cook
  • Head of Costumes – Kate Keaney
  • Head Carpenter – Luke Walker
  • Head of Audio – Kurtis McLean

Ticket Information

General Admission

All Productions $10 students (with valid student ID) and seniors (65+) $20 public To purchase tickets: At the door for all productions. Online at – available NOW Thorneloe University – Call 705-673-1730 ext. 0 School groups are welcome. School group reservations must be made by phone. Call Susan Moores at 705-673-1730 ext. 0

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