Dr. Aven McMaster

Dr. Aven McMaster

Associate Professor Ancient Studies

Contact Information

Thorneloe University at Laurentian
935 Ramsey Lake Rd
Sudbury ON P3E 2C6
705.673.1730, 203


I have my PhD in Classics from University of Toronto, advisor M.J. Dewar.

Research interests

  • Latin poetry, especially late Republican and Augustan
  • Expression of social and cultural values in Roman poetry
  • Colour in Latin literature and thought
  • Classical reception


I generally teach courses in language, Roman and Greek literature, and Roman culture.

  • Roman Epic
  • Sex & the Body in the Ancient World
  • Approaches to the Ancient World
  • Latin
  • Greek Epic
  • Greek & Roman Tragedy
  • Roman Poetry
  • Roman Civilization
  • Theories of Myth

“‘O Tempora, O Mores’: Class(ics) and Education in Doctor Who”. Who and History, forthcoming.

“How to Be a Good King: Tolkien and Germanic Ideals of Kingship”, co-authored with Mark Sundaram, The Hobbit and History, Janice Liedl & Nancy R. Reagin, eds., Wiley 2014.

“Un lieu de verdure et d’agrément : espaces riverains et loci amœni dans la poésie latine”, Riparia conference proceedings, Archaeopress 2014.

“About a Boy: The Bechdel Test and Teaching Classical Literature”, New England Classical Journal, forthcoming.

“Dedications and Status: Catullus 1 & Epodes 1”, Classical World, 107.2, 2014.

“The Rules of Gift-Exchange: Catullus 12, 13, & 14”, Mouseion 10.3, 2010.

Review, Silence in Catullus. Benjamin Eldon Stevens. For Mouseion, forthcoming.

Review, Ovid: Times and Reasons. Anne & Peter Wiseman, transl., The Gnat and Other Minor Poems of Virgil. David R. Slavitt, transl., The Aeneid of Vergil. Patricia A. Johnston, transl., for Mouseion, 11.2, 2011.

Review, Ronnie Ancona & Ellen Greene, eds. Gendered Dynamics in Latin Love Poetry, for the Journal of the History of Sexuality,  20.3, September 2011.

Review, Richard Rutherford. Classical Literature: A Concise History, for Notes & Queries, fall 2005.

May 2015, Classical Association of Canada, “About a Boy: The Bechdel Test and Teaching Classical Literature”

May 2014, Classical Association of Canada, “Aeneas’ Purple Cloak in Aeneid Book 4”

April 2012, Savoirs et pratiques de gestion intégrée des bords de l’eau — Riparia, “A Green and Pleasant Place: Riverbanks and Loci Amoeni in Latin Poetry”

May 2011, Classical Association of Canada, “Problematic Generosity: Dido, Aeneas, and Elegy in the Aeneid”.

May 2010, Classical Association of Canada, “Liberalitas in the Eclogues”.

March 2009, Participated in roundtable discussion of the Twilight series, sponsored by the Feminist Research Cluster at Laurentian University.

May 2007, Classical Association of Canada, “Dinner Party without the Dinner: Catullus 13 and the Subversion of Expectation”.

May 2006, Classical Association of Canada, “Money Is the Root of All Evil: Liberalitas and Love in Roman Poetry”.

October 2005, Atlantic Classical Association, “Te bellare decet: Tibullus 1.1 and the Problems of Dedication”.

May 2005, Classical Association of Canada, “The Problem of Gratitude: Catullus 49 and the Function of Liberalitas in Roman Poetry”.

May 2004, Classical Association of Canada, “Liberalitas and Status Negotiation in Catullus 1″.

I’m on “The Endless Knot Podcast”, which discusses language, history, etymology, literature, science, teaching, pop culture, and the unexpected connections between all all of them: http://www.alliterative.net/podcast/

I also co-produce educational videos for YouTube about language, history, and culture: https://www.youtube.com/user/Alliterative

I’ve put together a free Memrise course to accompany the Disce! introductory Latin course: http://www.memrise.com/course/100040/disce-vol-1/

I am active on Twitter, and have curated the @WeTheHumanities rotation-curation account, as well as live-tweeting the CAC; my tweets of the 2015 conference are collected here: https://storify.com/AvenSarah/cac-scec-2015

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