October 2019 Bursary Form

September 26, 2019

Several bursaries in memory of Thorneloe students (Elizabeth Pentland, Brian Clark, Louis Larocque, Colin Elliot, Ronald Trolove), as well as bursaries established by the Faculty and Governors, are awarded to students who are living in residence at Thorneloe University or who are taking a course from Thorneloe University. Preference may be given to students who are also registered at Thorneloe University. The number and amount of such awards may vary annually, depending upon funds available. Awards are made on the basis of good academic standing and financial need. Some funds are restricted to students who have resided in Ontario for twelve months prior to beginning university (OSAP policies on residence apply).
Application through Thorneloe University is required, and the awards are made upon recommendation of the Provost of Thorneloe University once per term.

For more information or to apply see the Bursary Form.

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