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November 08, 2016
Shakespeare’s Will captures the Imagination
Anne Hathaway was married to William Shakespeare for over 30 years, yet they spent vast amounts of time apart as he became key to the London theatre scene. Why did they stay married? What was the bond between them?
Acclaimed Canadian playwright Vern Thiessen imagines this rich landscape of one of the most fascinating relationships of all time. In Shakespeare’s Will, Anne Hathaway has just received her dead husband’s will and needs a little time before she can muster up the courage to open it. As her deepest thoughts are unharnessed, we learn about their marriage and her life with their children. Then, she reads the will.
Patricia Tedford as Anne Hathaway

Patricia Tedford in Shakespeare’s Will

Shakespeare’s Will stars actor/director/theatre professor Patricia Tedford and is directed by Ottawa’s Robert Bockstael.
Playing November 17-19 and 24-26 at 8 pm nightly at the Cambrian College Black Box Theatre (RM 2119), this ninety-minute play runs without intermission. Tickets are $25 for adults and $15 for students/seniors/artists and may be reserved at Shakespeare’s Will or purchased at the door.
Facebook page is Text Me Productions Shakespeare’s Will.
Judi Straughan

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