Thorneloe University Theatre Faculty and Students Travel to Taiwan

April 10, 2015

On Tuesday, April 21, 12 students and 3 faculty members of the Thorneloe University Theatre Arts Department at Laurentian will be flying to Taichung City, Taiwan, to collaborate with students at Providence University in producing and performing two plays, THE CONFERENCE OF THE BIRDS adapted by Peter Brook and Jean-Claude Carrière and THE AFFECTED YOUNG LADIES by Molière (in English translation). Prof. Patricia Tedford and Dr. Ian Maclennan will be directing the plays and students from both universities will be the actors.  Prof Jenny Hazelton will the Production Technical Director for both productions.

Each year, the Department of English Language, Literature and Linguistics at Providence University holds an English Festival in April and May. These two productions will be the final events of the Festival, this year coordinated by Dr. Yilin Chen, Associate Professor of English at Providence University.

This collaboration is also the subject of a documentary that will be filmed by Mélanie Durette, a student in the Bachelor of Fine Arts: Motion Picture Arts program.

The Canadian students will be in Taiwan for over four weeks and will be touring the country as well as rehearsing and performing. Students have been fundraising for the trip since September and have been successful in their efforts.

It is hoped that this will be the beginning of a continuous collaboration between the two universities and the two departments, English and Theatre Arts.

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For further information, please contact Dr. Ian Maclennan at 705-673-1730 x501 or at

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