Motion Picture Arts

What is Motion Picture Arts

A program of the Department of Theatre and Motion Picture Arts at Thorneloe University, the priority of the Motion Picture Arts program is to prepare students for traditional careers in the production of theatrical features, TV programs, and in advertising. Until recently, the platforms for this traditional media were once limited to movie theatres, broadcast TV, and home-video. With the introduction of the communications revolution brought about by the internet, new platforms are continually emerging and evolving, such as smartphones, tablet computers, etc. Each of these platforms then generates demand for supplementary content, thus generating more opportunity for employment for motion picture artists. Furthermore, an education in motion picture arts production prepares students for careers in the production of video games, webisodes, and all other media implementing motion pictures.

The constant expansion of 21st century digital media gives graduates more points of entry into the motion picture arts industry, such as social-media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, etc. Essentially, students of the motion picture arts option are prepared for careers as 21st century motion picture artists: creatively independent writer-director-producers who are equally comfortable analyzing the aesthetics, and application, of production design, cinematography, picture editing, and sound design.

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Program Options Include
  1. Bachelor of Fine Arts – Specialization in Motion Picture Arts (4 years)
  2. Minor in Motion Picture Arts
Admission Requirements

Based on Grade 12 4U/M courses:

  • 1 English
  • 5 other courses
  • Minimum Average of 70%

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