Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

What is Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Explore gender identity through diverse representations, institutions and experiences in contemporary and historical context

Discover the rich history of women’s and gender studies, a program that, since the 1970s, has been examining and researching the experiences of women and the development of feminist ideas. The fields of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies have evolved to take up social justice issues and contemporary inequities, making this an important field of study. WGSX is explored through scholarly research that can be found in literature, psychology, science, history, and much more.

Critically examine modern issues, such as:

  • Theories and practices of feminism as they relate to gender, race, sexuality, dis/ability, religion and nation;
  • Cultural constructions of  women and men;
  • The fluid and shifting nature of gender as a social construct;
  • How gender affects our legal, political and healthcare institutions, our places of work, as well as the most intimate aspects of our family lives;
  • Gender at the intersections of class, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, and other variables to create complex power relations;
  • The historical and contemporary relationships between knowledge and power in society.
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Admission Requirements

• Ontario Secondary Schools:
• 1 grade 12 4U English
• 5 other grade 12 4U/M courses
• For more information, contact WGSX@thorneloe.ca

Program Options include:

• 3 or 4 year B.A. with a Minor in Women’s and Gender Studies
• 3 or 4 year B.A. with a Minor in Critical Sexuality Studies
• 3-year B.A. with a Concentration or Minor in Women’s and Gender Studies
• 4-year B.A. with a Major or Concentration in Women’s and Gender Studies
• Certificate in Women’s and Gender Studies, either independently or while completing another degree program outside the Humanities and Social Sciences
• Single elective courses while completing another degree program
• A variety of courses in English and French and the possibility of completing a 3-year B.A. through our distance education program

Program Options

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